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Choosing a tattoo artist can be a cumbersome process and if not done the right way you are bound to be stuck with the wrong tattoo for life. Do you wish you had a stunning tattoo that would stay the same forever? Do you know if the tattoo artist you have chosen is the right one for you or not? Choose a tattoo artist wisely because once done getting it removed can be expensive and time consuming. Buckle up and check out how to choose a tattoo artist, the way I did several years ago.

I am a walking tattoo album, why? Because I have tattoos all over my body (no, not my face) and I am the envy of my friends, neighbors and my little brother. The first time I wanted a tattoo, my mom was against it, but I convinced her and started my hunt for that perfect tattoo artist who would give me a unique amazing design and bring out my persona. I thought it was as easy as a pie and boy, was I wrong?

There were so many tattoo artists and I was totally confused but nevertheless I made my choice and fixed up an appointment with him immediately and was to get my very first tattoo the next day. I remember how excited I was to get it done and the moment the needle pierced my skin, I wanted to just run away and escape to a safer place. But I had to hang on and be done with it. You see, I did not do my research properly and ended up with the wrong artist. The experience I had was something I just cannot describe in words, it was that bad. The tattoo was of poor quality and not what I dreamt of. I do not want any of you to go through this ever and this has inspired me to put down all of my experience and share it with you so that you don’t do the same mistakes as I have. Read on to find out how to choose the perfect tattoo artist, the way I did from my second tattoo to the latest.

  1. Research thoroughly – Yes! That is the first rule. You need to do a thorough research when you are planning to get your tattoo.
  • Check artist’s credibility : Nowadays we have access to loads of information on the internet. Check for the reviews of the artist. Sometimes there may be lot of hype, check for customer feedback and the more repeat customers he has it is a good sign that he does a good job. See if he is verified and his area of specialization like new school or black/white, tribal etc. Check to see if you are satisfied with his portfolio.
  • Inspect the Shop : Always visit the shop and check to see if it is clean and tidy. Is the shop sterile, what is the sterilization process used for daily tools? How often are the tools cleaned and sterilized? If you do not get a convincing answer then look for the next shop, simple! After all it is a life time affair so you need to be extra cautious.
  • Price matters : Is the price too steep or too cheap? If it is too cheap then probably it is not worth it, if the prices are too steep it is probably better to take a walk. You should look for reasonably priced tattoo artist. If he is reasonable, it proves that he does care about his customers and wants them back.

If you are satisfied with all 3 criteria mentioned above then congrats! You have just found yourself the right tattoo artist.

Once you have found your perfect tattoo artist now what? Yes, it is time to do your part. Read further to know how to get that perfect tattoo that you always dreamed of.


  1. Selecting Design : This is the easiest part. Select a design of your choice or create one yourself. If you want you can use the internet for ideas but do not copy it. Check your design with your artist and if he says that it may not suit you then change it because your artist knows best. I used to get my ideas from people who had plenty of tattoos all over their bodies. Try them for a change.


  1. Do not be in a hurry : You have to wait to check if the design you selected is not putting you off after a couple of days. Draw a sketch of the tattoo on your arm and keep looking at it several times of the day for at least a month or two. If you are not bored by it then go ahead with the design, that is the right one for you.


  1. Tattoo location : Decide where you want your tattoo to be done. Do not choose placement that involves lot of daily activities like bottom of feet or palm. Your artist can suggest the best place for you since he has experience in this. Choose placement wisely and take care not to hurt yourself too much.


  1. Allergy test : If you are allergic to any brand of ink then check with your artist as to which brand he uses. Sometimes you may be allergic to colors used as well. It makes sense to do a patch test before you get the real tattoo done.


  1. Be mentally prepared : Getting a tattoo involves a little bit of pain, so be mentally prepared to bear the pain. Avoid highly sensitive places like your spine because it will be painful. Take a deep breath and hang on, you will get the best results. If you can go along with a friend, the better. It will help you relax and since most first timers do not know what questions to ask, a friend may help you if he/she already has a tattoo experience. Check for after-care solutions offered by the artist. Do not use your own medication without consulting your artist first.


  1. General preparations : While on the job you may feel hungry, thirsty or tired so have a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast or lunch and also pack something for later use. Sometimes it may take longer than you think depending upon the design and variations of colors used. Talk to your friend but not much with the artist so that you don’t distract him. If you end up going alone for tattooing then relax by listening to music or watching a movie, avoid talking to the artist as much as possible and you know why?


Try these tips and you will be on your way to glory. Plan well in advance, choose wisely and relax all the way through for the most awesome looking tattoo that will be your pride and joy for a lifetime. Now that you have learnt how to choose the perfect tattoo artist and what you need to do as a first timer to the tattoo world, go ahead and just do it!! Let us provide you with a top Calgary Tatoo.

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How to Choose a Good Paving Contractor

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If you are in need of Asphalt paving or other large scale paving been done on your property whether its is commercial or residential, its important to choose a good contractor. There are many Calgary Paving contractors  and choosing a really good one requires some research. the cost of having a driveway or parking lot paved can vary but can be quite expensive, usually costing around 20,000 and up .you should thoroughly check them out before hiring anyone as most require a 50% deposit to start the job. Some great questions to ask are:

  • How many years has your company provided these paving services? Have you done may big jobs?
  • What kind of equipment do you use?
  • Are you full cover by WCB?
  • Are you a member of the better business Bureau
  • Do you have a website? If so what is it?
  • Do have any online reviews?
  • What are your references?

I would start my quote by asking for some references and list of jobs they have done that you can review. Often you can go to the work site and see the finished jobs and see the quality of work they provide. Then go online and check all of their paving Calvary reviews and other Paving Calgary properties . See if they have a Yellow Page ad or a Facebook page – see ours-Calgary Paving Contractors.

Ensure their workers are fully covered by wcb and that they carry liability insurance in case of injury or accident. Once a Paving Contractor starts work you want to ensure you are covered.

get a Full on paper quote of their Paving job, and ensure the Calgary Paving Contractor is providing a written statement guaranteeing the work provided. Discuss your asphalt paving needs and ensure all things are covered form line painting to finished edges .

We are a Local Calgary Paving Contractor Providing top quality Paving service to Calgary and area. Let us help you with all you Paving needs




Learning to Drive – Calgary

 Driving School Calgary

Driving School  is not just all about you and your car. It is also about the safety of the passengers you have, if ever there are any, and everything and everyone around you. There are basic things that you must know to consider yourself a driver, and not a crasher. The difference between the two is that, being a driver is being a responsible individual not just for yourself but also for the safety of everyone that surrounds you as well as the respect to the law of the road.

Above All Safety Driving School 115-55 Westwinds Cres. NE  Calgary, Alberta T3J 5H2 Phone: 403-590-0080
Above All Safety Driving School 115-55 Westwinds Cres. NE Calgary, Alberta T3J 5H2 Phone: 403-590-008

Being watchful is another key to being safe on the road all the times. As frequenly as you can, stay focused on the mirrors you have on your car, be reminded every time when you are making a turn, for the blind spots to be exact, make sure that the cars are distant enough from you and no one is attempting to do the overtake.

Be selfless, be kind and be open-minded. Always think that you do not own the road, be humble enough to follow the different signs and rules you may encounter most especially when you are in the other countries, for they may have their own unique laws and requirements. Share the road space as generously as you can and never compete with the speed of any other drivers; it may be good to be late and safe than to be in a hurry and end up in a hospital bed.

The basic principle that is eyes on the road and keep your hands on the wheel, and this is all about the concentration and focus, let not anything distract you from focusing, a single unnecessary movement and a wrong decision making may end up in a very unwanted result that is to either damage your car or add up to the mortality rate of your city.

Remember to adjust everything in its safety and comfortable mode once you get in, this will make you drive without any hassle and of course, will be able to reach the buttons as soon as possible when needed. Best thing to adjust in the perfect angles are the mirrors; this way, you will be able to see things properly around you and avoid unwanted incidents to happen.

Never use any device more than your car’s while driving, calling, texting and taking pictures inside the car will make you lose focus and make things turn out on its worse. Just have the wheel, and nothing but the wheel. Talk in a calm and soft tone of voice, never listen to music so loud that you can no longer hear other sounds.



Why Calgary Business Needs SEO

Search Engine Optimization Calgary

If you own a small business in Calgary and have a website whether you sell online or provide services SEO is very important.Search Engine Optimization is taking your website and ensureing it show up for keyword phrases related to your business. For example if you are a Plumber providing services in Calgary you might optimize for keywords like Calgary Plumber, Plumbing Calgary , Hot water tanks Calgary , or plumber Calgary. If your website site shows up on page 1 say top 5 you will be receiving most of the calls for a plumber for Calgary.  Your SEO Consultant can help you achieve this result through SEO ( search engine optimization)

you will also want to show up on the Google 7 pack – referred to as maps. Often on a local search you will see business show up with name and address beside a map image – this is referred to as local map 7 pack  see fig below



You want to be listed in this section for a local business this is where you will get the most phone calls and see an overall increase in business. your local ranking expert will be able to explain and help get you into this ranking.

you will want to seek out a professional Calgary SEO expert to help you with this , A couple of tips to look for when hiring a professional are:

1. Googe a local city like Calgary SEO , SEO Calgary and look for top 1-3 , these are the guys that have already proven they do what they say anyone else who cant help their own business cant hep yours!

2. Ask to see 1 or 2 clients ranking to prove what they can do , you want to see them rank others sites as well.

3. Ask if they require a contract or if month to month is ok?

4. see if they know more than just SEO , like Google Analytics, conversions, Web design, Logo design, Video setup and social Media Setup

5. look for reviews on Goolge for them

6. ask what they do for the fee, do they setup social media,  build links, provide a monthly report?




A Professional Search engine optimization specialist should be able to drive your website higher in the rankings for multiple keywords and get you more business. Being on Google is so important to staying in business. 85% of people look online before deciding on a service or product. 90% use Google to look for local services. If you dont have top rankings you are simply losing out on business , SEO is a long term investment that will pay off easily in the long run

Best Practices for Painting Your Home

Best Practices for Painting Your  Calgary Home


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Your home says it all. Your calgary home is the reflection of the kind of people living in the household. Do not ever disregard the quality of the house you are living. This will not only begets you with pride and glory but will make you at peace. When an occasion comes up—birthday, Thanksgiving, or even a small gathering—your home is your most active ally. You need not to worry about a thing if you know that you can host the event in the comfort of your own home. Click Here for Great Calgary Painter
calgary Painting for your calgary home is a tough job. You can do it yourself or hire professionals who will do the job. There are things that need to be considered when choosing the right colors and variations of paints that you will be using.

  1. Clear the decks. Move everything out first. You need to visualize the space, the texture as well as the location of the place you are going to paint. Say you will begin first at the walls. Make sure that there are no frames or any decorations that block your sight from the space. You need to assert the shading and the colors you want to use in correlation with other parts of the house that will be painted.
  2. Clean the bricks and repair the cracks. The space that you are going to lay your paintbrush should be deliberately clean enough so that you will not be painting on dust. The cleaner the space, the finer the absorption of the paint. If you are painting the ceiling of your house, you might want to use masking tape so that you will be able to determine the base of the paint colors. Repair any destroyed part of the wall or the ceiling first before starting the job.
  3. Measure the space. You need to measure as to how spacious the place should be. If you are painting your room, your ceiling or your kitchen walls, you have to measure as to how many cans of paint it will consume. Before starting thepainting, you should have sufficient resources to continuously finish the job.
  4. Invest in Quality. Go for paints that ensure quality. It may cost you more than the regular paints, but it sure will provide you an extra-satisfactory result. These paints should hold the surface longer than the regular ones. If you buy cheap paints it will give you more expenses in the long run. You need to re-paint your home after a year or two. However, if you choose quality over quantity, you can save several dollars in your account.
  5. Paintbrush matters. Never ignore the usage of a paintbrush when deciding on a new look in your home. The paintbrush determines how swift the paint would be. Go for a brush that has a good bristles and a slim tip. You might want to use synthetic brushes-they hold and release the paints very well. Purchase those with good quality as well. It will cost you $12 to $18 at most.


These practices will help you with your painting job. A home with good paint is a comfort to the eye. Outsiders will admire how furnish and polish the quality of paint that you are using. Be decisive on the choice of paints you want to use in your home.


How to Pack Properly in Preparation To Move

How to Pack Properly in Preparation To Move

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Migration requires time, budget and planning. When you move to a place, you need to be prepared enough to face the new environment that you will be adapting. Before this happens, you need to prepare your way to move out. Below are tips that will guide you on how to pack things properly for your own convenience.

  1. Gather your things. Prepare the things that you need to bring with you. Separate your belongings. Distinguish personal items such as clothing, hygiene items, accessories, laptop/personal computer to the smallest detail.
  2. Prepare your containers. Prepare boxes in which you will be placing your things. Gather them in sizes so that it will be easier for you to categorize things as where you would put them. Mark them as to what kind of things are intended for them.
  3. Set a place for them. These boxes should be placed in one common area. You might need a small room in your house or your garage will do. Keeping them in one place makes it convenient when the day of the move out comes. This space should be intended just for these boxes. There is no extra hassle on your end if you know where you place them. A strategic location for these containers will help you save time in transporting them out of your home.
  4. Don’t leave space when packing your things. You should not pack air. Exhaust every space available in your package. That is why you are to categorize each item for an easier and more convenient way of packing things.
  5. Separate your equipment. Laptops, Desktop computer, kitchen equipment, etc. should be packed separately. These items are fragile and needs extra care. Be sure to mark their containers well. You can write a note or draw with a marker, letting other people know that they are fragile.
  6. Keep them high. If you have children at home make sure you let them know not to touch the boxes that have been packed. You need them to keep them out of reach so that they will be secured. Children might unpack them or your items might harm your children. This is to avoid starting over in your work.
  7. Start early. When it is time to move them out in the house, start moving those heavy items. Books, equipment and fragile items need to be moved out first. Same with unpacking; they need to be unpacked first in your new place to avoid accidents.
  8. Clear the way. Clear the floor and don’t block the door when moving these boxes out of your house.
  9. Use Trash bags. For those things that are not needed when you move out, use trash bags to contain them. This will be your clue that they will be going into the trash when you’re done moving out.


  1. Don’t forget your Checklist. You need to create a check list when packing for each item. This checklist will serve as your guide if things are appropriately placed in each box. Unpacking them in your new place will become easier if you have the list of items that are placed in each box.


These things will make your moving out a real success. Keep this inmind to ensure that you have all that you needed when you move out. Use a Professional : Click Here for great Calgary Mover